Can I add a thank you page when someone successfully submits a form?

When someone succesfully submits a form on your page you obviously want to send them to a new page. We tell you how.

Which items are listed on your roadmap?

We have a public roadmap, everyone can vote on features to want to see added.

Where can i find information on your API?

Here we will tell you all about our API and API calls

Can I use PayPal on your pages?

Paypal checkout is possible, there is no real integration but you can generate an embed code within PayPal that you can embed on your page.

What happens when i go over my page views?

We tell you what happens when you go over the page views.

How are monthly page views calculated?

We don't calculate bots etc.

Why is my image not uploading?

It could happen that we were unable to upload your image. We will tell you why and how you can solve it.

How is the number of domains counted?

How do you count the domain and subdomain limit?

Do you have an affiliate program?

We will offer an affiliate program in the future.

How to use the Zapier integration

Here you can read how you use the zapier integration to connect your form with third party tools.

Can i use my own font?

If you want to use a font that is not in the list we will tell you how you can insert your own font

I need an integration with a third-party tool that is not listed, how do i do this?

Is your third party tool not in our list of integrations? See what your options are.

Is it possible to add a payment integration to your pages

Read how to sell products through your pages

Send lead notifications to my own e-mail

Read here how to send lead notifications